The Acrobag

Who can use the AcroBag?

Anybody of any skill level can benefit from using the AcroBag. Whether you are on a snowboard, skis, bike, skateboard, or just jumping off a platform; the AcroBag cushions your falls and gets rid of that nagging fear of injury – so that you can focus on learning your new trick.

The AcroBag has been used by Mammoth, Whistler’s Summer Gravity Camp, Mount Sunapee, Camp Fortune, Norquay, Windell’s, Momentum Ski Camps, Camp of Champions, O’Neill, Burton, and the national Olympic teams of New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Spain, France, Switzerland and the USA. It can handle heavy equipment such as snowmobiles/motocross and has been used by BMX and mountain bikers. People who want to build their confidence and leadership have jumped onto the bag from a scissor-lift. The AcroBag is a tool that will let you overcome your fears and challenge yourself in new ways.

What are the advantages of an AcroBag vs. foam pits?

  • Acrobag is portable and mobile, it fits in truck or in a trailer and you can set it up wherever whenever within 30 minutes. Foam pits are a nightmare to transport and move.
  • Acrobag can handle tough weather conditions including rain, sleet, and snow. Foam pits must always be covered from the elements and need more upkeep.
  • AcroBag is the real in-run, take-off, and air time snow training you need for snowboards, skis, bikes, etc… Trampolines and foam pits can’t compare.
  • Acrobag is durable, comes with a 2 year warranty, and will last even longer. Foam is expensive and has to be constantly replaced.
  • AcroBag cycles fast and more people can jump per minute than using a hard-to-escape foam pit – especially with bikes!
  • Acrobag can be customized with 360° Banner Loops for effective marketing. It a 50×50 foot mobile poster that attracts huge attention!


Q: There are different airbag companies out there. How do I know what is best for me?

A: We call and ask you a series of questions to determine which AirBag product is better suited for your needs.

What services does AcroBag offer?

AcroBag provides flexible services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you want to rent it for a day to a month or use it to host an event and get a custom branded bag to prominently feature your company’s logo – AcroBag has a variety of services to help.


The AcroBag Tour started off as the world’s biggest action sport airbag tour.


Our elite team of athletes put on breathtaking exhibitions with optional public participation.

Corporate events, spice up a festival, create your own Tour.

Let’s make this happen!

Please contact us if you wish to try out an AcroBag or get additional information.